Night Parachute, OK?!!!

March 31, 2010

Night Parachute is Ryan Brannon from Party Of Helicopters and Beaten Awake doing dreamy basement rock songs. I think it sounds like Gary Numan, My Bloody Valentine, and Sebadoh. Combined. Into one band. Do you you understand?!!! I play drums and Steve Clements (QIX, Houseguest, Beast, Drummer) plays SYNTHS. This new Compacted Disk has 5 songs and one of them is a Tobin Sprout cover. I think it’s nice and you can purchase it here, or at the Compacted Disk Release Show at the Matinee in Akron Ohio on Saturday, April 3.
love, gabe
p.s.: here is a “track”, or “cut” from the E.P.:


New Compacted Diskettes

March 18, 2010

Out Of Place Soundtrack here
Effective Demonic Experiment here
Buy 10 or 12 of each!

Photograph by Mark Wiitanen

Come out and see QIX at the afterparty for Out Of Place (see earlier post!)at the 1300/Third Gallery:
Friday March 19, 11 pm
1300 west 78th street, suite 3, cleveland, oh, 44102
Food and drink and dj’ing, too!

Out Of Place

March 10, 2010

Actual Archives will be releasing the soundtrack to the movie “Out Of Place“, a pretty great and tender look at weirdos who surf on Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio. The movie is playing at the Cleveland International Film Festival on these dates:

Friday March 19 at 9:35 pm

Sunday March 21 at 9:20 am

Monday March 22 at 5:00 pm

All screenings at Tower City Cinemas.
You can get the soundtrack at the screenings and at the afterparty on Friday that QIX is playing, more info on that soon!
Check out the trailer for “Out Of Place” here.

Here is a video and some pics of the show on March 6 at Square Records in Akron. It was a lot of fun and over by 9pm! Plenty of time left in the evening for Chat Roulette and a viewing of Antichrist! sigh

Trouble Books

Trouble Books

Gabe Schray

Get the new Trouble Books here and the new Gabe Schray here!

Here is a nicely photographed performance from Talons. Shot and edited by Mark Wiitanen at Legation, A Gallery in miserable Cleveland, Ohio:

Talons has a lot of stuff available for download on the Bark and Hiss site, and you should grab it all because it is great! I’m super excited for “Songs For Boats”, the upcoming distopian sci-fi Talons album!

On March 2, Trouble Books will be releasing the very great Gathered Tones album on LP (Bark & Hiss/MIE Music) and CD (Own Records).

Past the New Parking Deck
On Saturday, March 6, Gabe Schray will release his Effective Demonic Experiment CD on Actual Archives.

Both will be performing at Square Records (824 West Market Street) in Akron at 7:30pm on Saturday, March 6.
“Screaming Great Ellipse” from Effective Demonic Experiment:


March 1, 2010

Video for “Beyonderer” from the upcoming Effective Demonic Experiment album:

Directed and edited by Philip Swift.
Effective Demonic Experiment is out March 6 on Actual Archives.

Second Soft Service

March 1, 2010

Video for “Second Soft Service” from the album Chronicle of Nonevents.

Purchase the album here or at Square Records if you live in Akron.

A Nebulous Chart

March 1, 2010

Play all the videos at once, in whatever order pleases you!