Here is a nicely photographed performance from Talons. Shot and edited by Mark Wiitanen at Legation, A Gallery in miserable Cleveland, Ohio:

Talons has a lot of stuff available for download on the Bark and Hiss site, and you should grab it all because it is great! I’m super excited for “Songs For Boats”, the upcoming distopian sci-fi Talons album!


Second Soft Service

March 1, 2010

Video for “Second Soft Service” from the album Chronicle of Nonevents.

Purchase the album here or at Square Records if you live in Akron.

A Nebulous Chart

March 1, 2010

Play all the videos at once, in whatever order pleases you!

Time Pilot Documentary

March 1, 2010

Here is a short documentary on the young men’s game “Time Pilot”. I think you will find it very compelling! Music by Gabe Schray.